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Scam Alert: Keep your Information Safe when Applying for Jobs

Last month, the FBI started warning the public about scammers in the job market. Fake jobs are posted by individuals who impersonate companies, including Iora Health, in order to steal personal information and/or money from candidates. We want to make sure that all interested applicants stay safe when applying for jobs at Iora Health. Here are tips to keep you and your personal information safe: 

  • All Iora Health job openings that appear on job boards (i.e. Glassdoor or Indeed) are also listed on If you see an Iora Health position posted on a job board, but not on our website, it is not a legitimate position.
  • Iora Health employee email addresses use the domains and/or If you receive an email from someone claiming to be an Iora Health employee, please ensure that their email address uses one of these domains. (Hint: If the email is or – these are not from us!)
  • To be offered a position at Iora Health, our candidates go through multiple rounds of interviews. If you are offered a position without going through a rigorous process, please know that the job offer is illegitimate. 
  • Iora Health will never request passport details, financial information (i.e. credit card, bank account, etc.) or money from job candidates. If this information is requested from you before a thorough interview process, it is a scam.

We have a team investigating these fraudulent activities and know that other companies are doing the same. Our goal is to shut them down to keep you safe. 

If you believe that you have been a victim of a fraudulent recruiting scam, please contact the Internet Crimes Complaint Center at The IC3 is an FBI entity that gathers and analyzes internet fraud in order to prosecute scammers.