To impact health care overall, we start with primary care.

We believe that by investing more in primary care, we invest more in our patients. We take the time to get to know them as people, to learn about their goals and to understand how we can help in getting there. And because of this, our patients become more engaged and healthier.


Our results are externally validated.

We continuously measure our impact on the health of the patients and communities we serve using a rigorous methodology developed in partnership with an advisory panel from The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. We assess patient experience, engagement, access, clinical outcomes and coordination of care. And we share this population data with our sponsors transparently and frequently.

Patient engagement and experience

The number of people that use Iora for their primary care has grown quickly since our first practice opened in 2014. Results show that these patients are actively engaged, satisfied and very likely to recommend Iora to a friend or colleague. For our Medicare practices...

Never in my life has anyone cared for me the way you do here.

Iora Primary Care Patient

Clinical outcomes

Iora’s Medicare patients dealing with hypertension and diabetes have had better success controlling these conditions as compared to the national average. By improving patients’ health and increasing the coordination of care, Iora significantly reduces unnecessary utilization and downstream spend:


Coordination of care

Our investment in primary care includes what we do for our patients as well as taking the time to coordinate care that happens outside of our practices. This results in healthier people. And healthier people leads to lower costs thanks to lower rates of specialty care, diagnostic use, ER visits and hospital admissions.