It’s a whole new patient experience.

Iora changes primary care as we know it. Our care team, which includes a dedicated advocate for each patient, works together to treat the whole person. We see people when they’re sick, but also when they’re well, so that we can keep them healthy. Here, the environment is caring and patients have a voice. It’s our job to give them everything they need to live happier and healthier lives.

Our medical team empowers the individual.

A team of a provider, nurse and a Health Coach works with each person. We set goals with the patients, enabling them to become active participants in their own well-being. We know people by name, but more importantly by their dreams, fears and challenges.

Health Coaches are the connection.

Our Health Coaches are relationship builders. They are hired for their ability to connect deeply with people because our Health Coaches are more than a friendly face. They are trusted resources, cheerleaders and partners in their patients’ care.

Fully integrating behavioral health

We believe it’s easier for patients to manage their lives when mental health is also prioritized and seen as integral to one’s overall health. At Iora, our patients can access their own behavioral health specialist in the comfort and privacy of their doctors’ office. Our specialists provide short-term counseling, assessments and referrals, as well as consultation to other team members, all within the scope of primary care.


Our technology is inspired by our care.

Most medical record systems prioritize billing first, patients second. Ours is designed around patients, period. We created our collaborative care platform to support caring for the whole person, and we’re always improving it based on feedback from our care teams and their patients — recent updates include patient access to their own records and a place to share notes. We’ve also built a tool to manage not only an individual’s health, but an entire population’s.

Say goodbye to paying by transaction.

Doing the right thing for our patients extends to our payment model too. Our model focuses on relationships with patients to improve health outcomes. Now, care teams are free to do what’s best to treat our patients rather than what the system deems reimbursable.
Iora Health Payer Partners Graphic July 2021

We find partners that make it happen.

For our model to work, we need partners who share our belief in a better way to take care of people. Together, we open practices, understanding that high quality primary care is the solution for happier, healthier and more engaged patients. And in the long run, this is what leads to lower costs.