Our aim is simple: to deliver robust, dynamic primary care that transforms our patients’ lives.

The Iora Health model of health care changes everything.

We change payment, staffing, processes, IT systems and culture. Our only goal is to do better—to dramatically improve the experience and quality of care for everyone.

Hear what our physician says…

To build and spread the Iora model, we need not solely a researcher or an administrator, but an innovator. Our physicians and nurse practitioners will combine excellent clinical skills and deep-seated compassion with the system thinking and management expertise necessary to lead our new system of care.

Rediscovering the joy of practice.

An Iora physician is a Board Certified health care professional who has completed an accredited residency program in one of the following disciplines: internal medicine, family medicine or geriatric medicine.* With a smaller panel size, a financial model and technology platform that is aligned to do what is right for the patient, practicing medicine at Iora can be about relationships. The ideal Iora physician and nurse practitioner is someone who—by both their words and accomplishments—clearly aligns with our collective values, ideals and mission.

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As we work to advance our mission at Iora Health, we offer several unique roles for physicians and nurse practitioners.

Team Physician and Team Nurse Practitioner: At the core of how we deliver care at Iora are our physicians and nurse practitioners who provide care for Iora patients while enjoying the benefits of smaller panel sizes, closer relationships with patients, creativity in care delivery mechanisms and the opportunity to lead systemic change in health care delivery while working with a true, robust primary care team. Medical Directors: Whether at the practice level or across an entire market, our medical directors lead our population health management and clinical improvement work at a broader level—while also continuing to serve our patients via concerted clinical practice. Iora Fellows in Primary Care Leadership + Innovation: Iora Health and Dartmouth College have teamed up to offer an exciting new opportunity for physicians and nurse practitioners to train to become the next generation of care provider-innovators to help advance the field of primary care transformation. Our physician and nurse practitioner fellows in Primary Care Leadership + Innovation will help lead systemic change at multiple levels, becoming the “systems architects” that healthcare so desperately needs. For more information, please contact us today.
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*Candidates from other disciplines will be considered on a case-by-case basis.