• Name and location of the ACO:
    Iora Health Network
    1 Lincoln St., 24th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
  • Primary contact information for the ACO:
    • Primary Contact Name: Caroline Carlson Delgross
    • Primary Contact Email: cacarlson@onemedical.com
    • Primary Title: Vice President (single member of LLC)
  • Identification of all ACO Participant Providers and Preferred Providers
  • Identification of all joint ventures between or among the ACO and any of its ACO Participant Providers and Preferred Providers
    • No joint ventures
  • Iora Health Network’s key clinical and administrative leaders
    • Administrative Leader: Suzanne Hansen, Iora Health, Inc.
    • Senior Medical Director: Lindsay Botsford, M.D. (ACO Participant Provider), Iora Health, Texas LLC.
    • Compliance Official: Tim Springer, 1Life Healthcare, Inc.
  • Iora Health Network’s governing body
    • Directors: 
      • Lindsay Botsford, M.D. (ACO Participant Provider), Iora Health Texas, PLLC.
      • Carroll Haymon, M.D. (ACO Participant Provider) Iora Health Washington Physicians, P.C.
      • Rushika Fernandopulle, M.D., (ACO Participant Provider, Chairman), Iora Health, Inc.
      • Josh Solot, M.D., (ACO Participant Provider), Iora Health Colorado, P.C.
      • Sarah Candler, M.D. (ACO Participant Provider), Iora Health Texas, PLLC.
      • Tyler Jung, M.D. Iora Health, Inc.
      • Dianne Savastano, Consumer Advocate, Healthassist
      • Marilyn Cristiano, Medicare Beneficiary, Retired
  • Performance Results
    • Amount of Shared Savings/Loss
      • Performance Year 2021: $3,801,963.36
      • Shared Savings Distribution:
        • Proportion invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes, and other resources: NA
        • Proportion of distribution to ACO Participant Providers: NA
    • Quality Performance Results: To by posted when available

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)? 

Medicare has started an initiative where health care providers who share a common set of goals aimed at improving patient care can work together more effectively. An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) brings together a group of doctors, hospitals and/or other healthcare providers who agree to work together with Medicare to provide you with more coordinated care according to your individual medical needs and treatment choices. Learn more about ACO's

What is Iora Health Network? 

Iora Health Network is the ACO that some Iora and One Medical primary care providers participate in. See above for a list of current participating providers. 

Why did Iora and One Medical join an ACO? 

Iora and One Medical are participating in this initiative because both believe it will bring better quality of care to our patients. Patients who participate in this initiative may benefit from care coordination and preventative services or reduced out-of-pocket expenses from duplicate tests and duplicate paperwork that may cost you time and money. 

Why did I receive a letter saying I am part of Iora Health Network? 

Medicare requires an annual beneficiary letter be sent to each patient who is part of the program. There are two ways a patient can become aligned to the program: 

1. The first is called voluntary alignment where a patient actively chooses whether or not to sign a voluntary alignment form designating their primary care provider 

2. The second is called claims-based alignment. This is an annual process run by Medicare to determine where a patient historically received the majority of their primary care services. If you have historically received the majority of your primary care at Iora or One Medical, you may be claims-aligned to the program.

If I am in the program, can I continue seeing my specialists without needing referrals/authorizations? Can I choose a new primary care provider? 

Yes, your insurance remains Original Medicare, and your benefits do not change. You retain the freedom to seek care from any Medicare provider without any additional need for referrals or authorizations. You have the option to designate a new primary care provider by visiting mymedicare.gov if you choose, but are not required to do so. 

How can I learn more? 

If you have other questions about Iora Health Network or the ACO program, you can contact us at 1-617-655-9595, or you may call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE.