Margarita, patient, Iora Primary Care,
Dorchester, MA

I love how welcoming Iora is. Everyone gets to know you personally. And being from Honduras, I was especially glad to meet my Health Coach Brendalys, who also speaks Spanish. She made me feel comfortable, and that was my first step in opening up.

When I first saw Brendalys, I was dealing with a very personal loss. It was so comforting to have someone to talk to — I never had that kind of support before at a doctor’s office. She took the time to understand me, so that she could help me start to get healthier.

As my husband [also an Iora patient] says, Iora is like family. They’re excited to see you when you come in, they know about your life, they check to see what’s happening when you’re not there. There’s really no comparison. I’m very happy here.

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We’re changing health care from the ground up.

We believe better health care starts with better primary care. Our simple yet radically different approach to restoring humanity to health care is three-fold: Team-based care that puts the patient first, a payment system based on care, and technology built around people, not process. To put all this into action, we find organizations that share our vision and together, we open practices.
Our team is passionate

Our team is passionate about making a difference.

Everyone at Iora is committed to helping people live their happiest, healthiest lives. We’re product developers, operations managers, physicians, analysts and more. Our Boston headquarters (affectionately called The Nest) provides the technical, operations and staffing support for our practices across the country. Meet our team
Iora Culture Book 2020

10 Years of Impact

Iora Health’s culture book, Celebrating 10 Years of Impact, is our third culture book celebrating the company’s mission and culture through employee and patient stories. Read through the stories to better understand what Iora does and what it’s like to work here.

Our story is made up of theirs.

The relationships between our doctors, nurses, Health Coaches, patients and the team that supports our practices truly tell the Iora story. A Health Coach who was also a translator for a patient. A doctor who found working as a team meant more time for the individual. A sponsor who got better health care for his workers, for less. Hear from them, in their own words. Read their stories